Automation Cheat sheet  for real estate agents

Automation Cheat sheet for real estate agents

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Automated emails have a 70.5% higher open rate and 152% higher click-through rate than generic email newsletters. Marketing automation helps increase your conversion rate by 53% and growth rate by 3.1% compared to non-users. 451% More efficient to use email automation to nurture leads by shortening the sales cycle.

Why automation is IMPORTANT for a real estate agent? Automation can MAKE A DEAL, low response time can BREAK IT! The longer it takes for real estate agents to answer a client, the more likely it is that they lose him/her. When a real estate agent makes automation customized to a particular client, the conversation is more likely to convert into a business opportunity.

Download now to know more about AUTOMATION and be enlightened with the importance of it. This content also provides helpful templates that are useful for your automation content!