VA SERVICES - 40  hrs/week for $12/hr (monthly subscription)

VA SERVICES - 40 hrs/week for $12/hr (monthly subscription)

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What's included: 



✔ Data Entry *

✔ Email and Calendar Management*

✔ Process Management *

 Database Management*


✔ Social Media Management *

✔ Email and Calendar Management*

✔ Content Management *

 Multimedia Design*


✔ Real Estate Outbound Calling (with intake forms only)*

✔ Script Library*

 Client Relationship Management*

 Lead Processing*


✔ Concierge Services*

 Customer Support*

 Technical Support*

If you purchase VA services with Hubspot CRM + TAG TEAM buildout, you will get a reduced price at $8 per hour. If you are interested in HubSpot CRM, subscribe to our  👉🏼 Growth Group Call 👈🏼


The estimated numbers are not the actual hours that are going to be spent. They are influenced by many factors like project specifics (some of the tasks are new to us in terms of specifics of your business), resources involved, unknown variables, or potential risks. For example, a simple landing page creation may take 4 hours, but with extra edits and revisions up to 16 hours. So in the final estimate, we use the worse key scenario of 16 hours. Of course, if we can accomplish it faster and there are no obstacles - we will do it and strive to be productive!

We have subscription-based pricing for VA services, which means that you're booking a certain amount of hours for a month depending on the provided scope of work and how fast do you want to accomplish that. We're going to send weekly reports of actual track hours and if you want to change it next month or increase them for this month, you can do that, it's FLEXIBLE. We have an upfront subscription payment for 10/20/30/40 hours per week